Download our app to:

  • Discover local places of worship near you on a map of the local area
  • Dig into Liverpool's rich multi-faith religious history on a timeline of events
  • View beautiful photography of Liverpool's many stunning religious buildings
  • Listen to audio interviews with local residents for each faith represented in the app

About the app

Discover Liverpool's multi-faith history

With the Footsteps of Faith app, it's easy to discover a heritage trail of Liverpool's religious history:

  • Using our map of local buildings, you can easily find places to visit near your current location, as well as photos, background information and audio interviews relevant to that building's religion.
  • You can also scroll through a timeline of events in Liverpool's history, from 4000BC to the present day!


We'll be making regular updates to the app. Forthcoming updates include:

  • Corrections/additions to text and images within the app
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Augmented Reality

Using the Footsteps of Faith app you can view some of Liverpool's iconic religious buildings in 3D via Augmented Reality.

Here's how it works:

  1. Print out one of the images below (these are referred to as "markers")
  2. Load the Footsteps of Faith app, tap the Augmented Reality menu option then tap on the "Got it" button to load the camera view
  3. Place the marker in a well-lit area and point your phone camera at it - a building should appear!
  4. Each marker is tied to a different building. Try them all!

Downloadable markers

Please note

The markers are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view/print.
Clicking on the links above may result in your browser asking for permission to open them - this is fine!


We at Liverpool community spirit would like to thank:

  • Anglican Cathedral
  • Al Rahma Mosque
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Princes Road Synagogue
  • Liverpool Central Library
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • The Heritage lottery fund
  • And all our funders and Draw & Code for making this possible